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On 15th February 2006, Karl joined us in the chat room for his very first ever live chat!  To say it was a success is a slight understatement!  The night wasn't advertised as it was a last minute thing but despite that, 36 people were in the chat room that night!!
Here are just a few of the questions posed to Karl.
Si: Hi Karl * Waves * How are you and yvette getting on with most haunted ... Do you know when Yvette's Board Game will be Released...lol

karlbeattie: Board game is to be released early summer so I'm told, Series 8 is going well and series 9 is being prepared

shreikster: Heya Karl. What, in your opinion, was the best location you have visited over all the series and are you coming back to Liverpool

karlbeattie: We are coming back to Liverpool for the series and one of my fav places is Pendle Hill

so_dead_inside: Hey Karl, I've been in my investigation team for a while but it seems to be going very slow. Any tips to get some good footage and such?
karlbeattie: It seems the best footage is got when a team is really acting together and the team is right. Most of the phenomena started to happen when David Wells joined the team

kblover: Have you enjoyed the chat tonight and if so when are you coming back

karlbeattie: I've loved it I'm not a chat virgin any more! Can't wait for the next.

The rest of the transcript is posted on the site in the Karl Beattie News section.  Karl has promised to come back for more chat nights as he really enjoyed himself!  Details will be published on this site as and when dates are agreed with Karl!  See you there!

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